The Muse of History - a FREE short story

The advantage of the lockdown is plenty of time to write. Here's a FREE story that gives a little background on Mrs Partridge.

CLICK HERE to download the story.


  • SarahKate

    So they are in a time loop until this is all fixed…which means Max and the crew may have done this all innumerable times with minor adjustments each time as Mrs Partridge nudges things all back into place…which would account for changing “timelines” or one world for another similar one; and how the time wars could shift how and when they began, and Dr B was chosen by Zeus himself.
    So when they get it all correct and fixed…does the loop break and St Mary’s end?

  • Beryl
    Great. What are all the others up to?

  • SHannon SUllivan
    I love it I hope Hera got her house someday….

  • Terry Kelly

    Jodi, love the idea, global memory adjustment, along with alternative facts, cannot imagine St Mary’s being happy with that one…Could you see Dr. Madeleine Maxwell working in the West Wing at the mo?

  • Peter

    Very a’muse’ing as always. A gift to my daughter having recently written an original tale based on Greek mythology for her English A Level.

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