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  • Dave Dickens

    My order of Time Police accessories was shipped very quickly and I was very pleased with my order. It would also be very cool if the Time Police emblems also came with no white border around the outside. And a line of Time Police ball caps would be an excellent addition to the line of TP accessories! Cheers!

  • Dave Dickens

    I ordered a couple of St. Mary’s mugs, and I have to say that, not only was I very pleased with the mugs, but I was also delighted and impressed with the friendliness of the staff. We even had a small issue with the order, which they very kindly corrected in a very quick and courteous manner. My shopping experience was very pleasant. Much better than a lowly American deserves. ;)

  • Jacqui
    I don’t really want to say that the St Mary’s series has changed my life as that sounds a bit cheesy ( hints of A Second Chance ) but it has. I adore reading, always have. My mum dreaded me receiving a book on my birthday, as I would sit on the floor and read as my friends partied around me. But, a big but, ( shades of bustles?) I have NEVER invested so much in a set of books. Many is the time my husband discovers me heartbroken and sobbing when something happens to Max, Leon, Matthew, Markham, insert name. He comforts me, asks what’s wrong. And when I finally manage to explain – What? Again? It’s a book! It’s not real! – his reply shows he doesn’t get it. Yes I know they’re not real ( but in Another Time… they might be), but it feels like they are. I don’t know how Jodi keeps coming up with different ideas and plots, I’m just glad she does. Keep ‘em coming. Please. I’m due another cry.

  • Andrea Gwinnett
    Just received my order, really quick time !

    It included fridge magnets and a ‘running on coffee…’ notebook with pen – love them all.
    Clothing next I think !!

  • Hazel Broomfield
    What can I say about all the St Mary’s, Time Police, Frogmorton etc books that hasn’t already been said. I have read them and reread them, I quote passages from them to any family member of friend who is within ear shot – I fear I am beginning to think there really is Time travel. So I am now leaving a review for the clothing I recently purchased = 2, yes 2 hoodies, one in blue, one in maroon and no I do not support West Ham Football but I did support the old West ham Speedway. Back to the hoodies, they arrived promptly, excellent value, fitted a treat and unfortunately my husband grabbed them and wrapped them for Christmas so I haven’t had chance to wear them yet. Also purchases the notebook and pen, all I can say it is too good to write in.

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